The lengths we go with delaying tactics to avoid doing certain tasks can be extraordinary. Day after day, strategies of avoidance may come to dominate how we spend our time.  Everything becomes more inviting than that which we are supposed to be doing.

We make clever evasive deals with ourselves like, “I’ll tidy up the shoe rack, then I’ll get started.” A whole house then turns immaculate in the process of our not making a difficult phone call or not starting in on paperwork with a looming deadline.

We all tend to put off what makes us uncomfortable, for example chores that require time and demand focused attention. Sometimes we would rather do anything than face demanding chores. This is this art of Procrastination!

But strategies of avoidance can take a toll on us as we end up being driven by negative consequences—letting people down, losing opportunities due to missed deadlines, feeling guilty, useless and unable to cope. Avoidance just keeps on costing us more in our relationships with people who count on us, in addition to peace of mind.

So don’t let tasks & chores nag you the entire time….. asking for help is your first step to a happier state of mind!