bag-gypsofilia-seeds-1716747_1920 The average “stay-at-home” mother gets through 31 hours of chores every week, which does not include other essential tasks such as food shopping.

On top of clearing up after the kids, from getting them to school in the morning to tucking them in bed in the evening , mums spend eight hours washing and cooking, four hours cleaning and two hours ironing.

As for working mums, they will have to cram it all in at the weekend. Instead of going to the gym, they will be trying their best to be a cheerful, involved mum spending quality with the child they have barely seen all week, even though they are completely exhausted.

A majority of mums reckon they never get a proper day off to unwind and enjoy time with their family and spend quality time together.

In most cases, mums are the head of the modern household and are more likely than dad to be the ones organising the family for days out and holidays.

Mums are the engine of the family and are heavily relied upon to keep home life as it should be. However many feel they never really get a proper day off. It’s important to be able to switch off and escape those hectic daily routines.

Every Mum is different but special in her own way and Mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you appreciate her and all she does for her family. Here are some simple ideas to make her day so special…..

Make her breakfast in bed

Plan morning or afternoon tea

Make a memorable lunch or dinner

Spoil her with sweet treats

Treat her to a hot chocolate

Bring her favourite wine and flowers

Treat her to a manicure, pedicure

Take her to a spa

Give her a clean house

Bring that relaxed spa atmosphere home

Take her for a mini makeover

Give her the gift of time!