How Organising your home & office can improve your happiness & relationships


The Benefits of Organising your space from this …           chaos-227971_1920

to this!clutterfreev2

Endless To Dos are not only exhausting, they can actually mess with many aspects of your life and by that I mean a lot more than your daily schedule or orderly home. Being organised is about having more time to yourself and letting you live a more balanced life.

Clutter can create tension and conflict, shame and embarrassment. This will create a physical and emotional boundary around you that prevents you from letting people in.

Living and working in a cluttered environment means that you will lose things, spend more time looking for them or forgetting altogether about them or simply no dealing with them. Unfortunately you are not only letting yourself down, you are letting people around you down. By letting people down, you are affecting your relationship with your partner, your family and your work colleagues.

Clutter is distracting!  Research from the Journal of Neuroscience reports that “clutter can actually affect your ability to focus. Looking at too many things at once overloads your visual cortex and interferes with your brain’s ability to process information”

Organising the clutter around you will help you improve relationships & productivity at home and at work!

If you think of the bigger picture, how are you going to organise your thoughts, life and goals if you can’t even organise the clutter around you.

If you can’t do it by yourself, thing of a Practical solution: Would you consider, and can you afford, getting any help in even for a short while?

And don’t forget that other people’s tidying up is always easier to handle than your own because it is viewed simply as a task and is not imbued with emotion.